Our small group classes offer a more personalized feel.

Exercise should be challenging, but fun. Children stay fit by running, jumping, crawling, and climbing, and have fun doing it. We apply this practice in our classes at Monkey Bar Gym Woodbury to help you build the usable strength that is functional, and can be applied to your daily life. Moving you through our progressions is how you get strong and also who we meet everyone at their fitness level.

The Monkey Bar Gym training program has proven to be the most effective in the country for increasing strength, conditioning and balance for all life throws at you.  At Monkey Bar Gym Woodbury you can expect:

  • small group classes
  • expert  instructor leading every class
  • exercises scaled to your individual fitness level
  • fun and safe workouts that get results!

Pre-registration is required for all classes.

MBG Classes


Body Power: incorporates bodyweight, resistance and functional strength training. Functional fitness and bodyweight training will help you with the movements you make every day. This class is your alternative to repetitive weightlifting and is the best way for you to gain high-performance strength. You will learn how to use your own bodyweight correctly and improve your overall strength and power. All our programs are tailored for every individual – beginners to advanced!

Boot Camp: In boot camp, you’ll learn techniques designed to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, agility and balance. You’ll engage every muscle in your body while maintaining a sweat throughout the entire hour.



COMING SOON – B.A.S.E (Building Alignment and Strength Through Extension) B.A.S.E incorporates Yoga and strength poses,  with time and breathing to establish greater range of motion in people who are lacking it and stability in people who are overly mobile.